SolarCom is an IT consulting company aimed at providing license compliance advice using industry-wide best practices. As we are not affiliated with any software vendor we are able to provide high-quality independent license compliance advice. SolarCom relies on in-house knowledge, shared license information repositories and its network of external experts to provide you with the most up-to-date expertise.

Depending on your organizational needs, we can offer the following services:

• The determination of a license compliance baseline (“snapshot”)

• Support in the implementation of license monitoring processes

• Preparation and guidance during a software license audit

• A review of current software asset management (SAM) procedures from a license compliance perspective


License compliance baseline

In most cases, the first step in managing your software licenses will be to establish a license compliance baseline. The process of determining your license compliance position is performed by the following three basic steps:

• Determining license entitlements: Software license contracts, purchase overviews and special agreements are collected to create an overview of license entitlements.

• Determining deployment: Using existing depositories (ie. CMDB) and the knowledge of your administrators (through questionnaires) we can create an overview of all deployed software and calculate the deployment in the corresponding license metric. Where possible we will use product-specific extracts to collect evidence of deployed products.

• Comparison between the two: Based on the two steps above, a report will be created indicating your license compliance position in detail. Any unclear situations resulting from an unusual configuration or a lack of available information will be documented in the license compliance report.

How these steps can best be implemented, will mainly depend on your specific situation and the products in scope. Our main goal is to customize our approach based on your needs, rather than to implement a general approach. The scope of the review can cover:

• One vendor or multiple software vendors

• Entitlements, deployment, or both

• A single department or enterprise-wide


License monitoring processes

Once a baseline has been established, SolarCom can advise and instruct all involved parties on how to continue to monitor licenses from a cost-control perspective. In some cases a few changes in the technical environment can lead to big cost savings. If necessary, a regular software license checkup can be performed.


Preparation and guidance during a software license audit

Software license audits are increasingly being performed by software vendors to ensure license compliance and the resulting licensing revenues. At SolarCom we have extensive experience in performing software license audits on behalf of software vendors. With our experience we can fully prepare you for every step in the process and prevent unexpected results


Software Asset Management

For most companies, software asset management (SAM) is a complex process involving many stakeholders. License compliance is only one of the goals which SAM-procedures are designed to reach. SolarCom can help you leverage your existing procedures and information sources to manage license compliance for all the leading software vendors using minimal resources.