Software Asset Management

Software asset management (SAM) is an essential part of any business IT strategy. In today's market conditions, IT managers are under pressure to keep IT costs under control while maximizing the return on software investments. SolarCom can guide you in determining your software license compliance position as well as recognizing the key issues to focus on. Adequate control on software license compliance has become increasingly important due to the following developments:

• Software vendors are increasingly performing license audits at customers. According to a recent study by Gartner, over 50% of companies have been audited by at least one software vendor in the last year.

• Software vendors continuously adapt their licensing terms and conditions to reflect technological developments such as virtualization, logical partitioning, multicore processors, hyperthreading, etc. Failing to keep up with these developments can quickly lead to considerable over- or underlicensing.

• Due to regulatory developments, board-level managers are increasingly held accountable for software compliance policies.


SolarCom can help you create software license overviews by performing generic software scans as well as implementing well-established work programs for all the main software vendors. Key benefits are:

• Reduction of software-related costs and maintenance fees

• Avoidance of risks and costs relating to software license audits

• A stronger position to negotiate software acquisition