All software vendors have unique licensing terms and conditions which sometimes seem similar, but require different approaches with regards to license compliance. Information collected by generic software asset management tools may provide a useful starting point, but in most cases further analysis and information collection is required. The most useful information can often be collected from vendor-specific sources such as product consoles and vendor-specific license management tools. SolarCom can perform general scans for all software vendors as well as detailed scans for the major software vendors. We provide vendor-specific approaches for the following software vendors:



SolarCom has extensive experience in performing license reviews for the complete range of IBM software products for midrange systems. Specific procedures can be deployed for most IM (DB2), Lotus, Tivoli, WebSphere, and Rational products, as well as recently purchased brands such as Cognos, Filenet, Maximo, etc. SolarCom is unique in offering an online tool dedicated to IBM license management: Blue-LM.



Oracle's licensing rules can be very confusing. Not to mention keeping control of your installations. Without exception, we encounter over- and under licensed clients wherever we go. Using Oracle's own audit techniques, we can determine your license compliance position in detail for Oracle products and license metrics. Our approach is guaranteed to achieve considerable licensing savings as well as compliance risk avoidance.



Existing license management tools provided by SAP help in determining your current deployment, but they do not detect unused licenses. We can deploy a combination of automatic tools and product-specific methodologies to efficiently determine your level of software usage. This method has a high potential of uncovering “unused” entitlements, thus providing the potential for significant cost reductions. By assessing which licenses you need compared to what you actually have we are able to save on average 40% on a company’s license renewal fee. In addition, we can advise your company on how best to deal with license misuse and non-compliance with your license agreement.



As the largest software vendor, Microsoft has specific procedures in place with regards to software asset management. Many license management consultants on the market have a background in software sales and are able to provide contract negotiation advice. However, few of them use in-depth audit techniques to challenge the vendor interpretation of the licensing rules. Based on our standard information collection methods, we can quickly produce an overview of your software deployment as well as areas of potential cost savings.



Although Adobe licensing rules are often considered as being relatively easy compared to other vendors, many customers overlook the potential of achieving licensing savings on unused Adobe products. We can advise on how to implement technical solutions that help identify and achieve continuous licensing savings.